"I've known Christy for 17 years and worked directly with her over the past 2 years. She is an incredibly talented graphic designer. She has an ability to flex from polished corporate designs to fun imaginative designs that have flair. More importantly, she takes the time to understand the project, the client, and even the industry just in case it might influence her design. She steps outside of her core skill set to learn new ones. She works nights and weekends when the project calls for it or the team needs her. She would be an asset to any organization. I recommend her."

— Jay Williams, VP, Marketing & Industry Relations at PrescribeWellness

"Christy is truly something special. I’ve never met someone with such fresh and innovative designs coupled with an unbeatable work ethic. Christy envisioned and led the company brand with passion, dedication, and a contagious positive attitude. I’ve never seen someone form such genuine relationships with coworkers and clients alike, everyone always loved working with her. Her leadership brought our company’s image, but more importantly our company culture, to a whole new level. She spends just as much time collaborating and encouraging those around her as she does designing. Christy weaves magic into everything and everyone she touches. She’s an unstoppable creative force and I am lucky to have learned so much from her."

— Gary Feiner, Video Producer at PrescribeWellness

"Very rarely have I met someone with as much heart and work ethic as Christy. She was a true pleasure to work with in her role at PMM, and always managed to handle any stressful or frustrating situations that arose in a calm, dignified manner... a critical trait in this industry. She's an incredible designer, works extremely well with others, and truly enjoys what she does - and it's evident in the quality of her work. She's an awesome asset to any team."

— Kelly Shuff, Sales at West-Camp Press, Inc.

"When it comes to design, Christy is the best at what she does because she genuinely takes the time to understand thecustomer and has the ability to illustrate the customer’s vision both quicklyand professionally with very minimal direction.  She is always smiling, is always positive, and has a way of lightingup the entire room the moment she walks in – even on a Monday morning!  She works very hard and believeswholeheartedly in investing in her teams. Both in the office and outside ofwork, she is one of the most motivated, most driven people I have evermet.  She is very (very) good at identifyingthe strengths in people and helps to develop those strengths so they mayradiate outward onto the world.  She coachesself-empowerment in every aspect of life and is a driving force in creatingsuccessful, motivated (and happy) creative teams."

— William Preston L. Guinn at Nordstrom Regional IT

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